“It is that divorce between the mind that desires and the world that disappoints…” 
– Albert Camus 

My work plays out a conflicting narrative that is at once enticing and suspicious. Moving between abstraction and representation, I use line, gradients, projected sketches, saturated color and stylized forms to create a fictional space where perception meets reality. My hope is to draw the viewer into this altered space where they might suspend themselves in the moment, lingering in the work. Ideas and visual cues are drawn from a wide range of sources including, album art, science fiction illustrations, nature books and magazines, paintings throughout history, and personal photos and sketches. At all times, I am driven by a profound interest in the natural world and our intersection with it. Influences include the philosophies of Albert Camus and Joseph Campbell and the writings of Agnes Martin and Robert Irwin. 

I was born in Ft. Leanard Wood, Missouri in 1976. I received my BFA from The University of South Florida in 2007, and my MFA from The University of Georgia in 2011. I’ve exhibited work in California and at numerous galleries in the southeast, including Twin Kittens Gallery in Atlanta, GA. I currently live in Northern, California with my wife and son, where I am a Lecturer at Humboldt State University. Visit www.dentoncrawford.com to view more of my paintings, drawings, and installations.
  • Narcissus
  • Dandelion
  • End of the Road
  • Our Church
  • Terrace