Vulgar Passion of Pink Skies

The reluctant vamp wiles away the lung
Flowers till staycations are mercifully ablated,
The language dirtied in ugly photo shoots
For hot tabloid airplanes mostly empty.
Stay barred and faced to the next down,
Smarmy and smeared into the reek of influence
Shaking the bridge, pulling old dolls out of the dirt.
Pejorative chatter in the chilly fuzz
Mums the stately colophon.
Hybridize your vegetables
And grow pumpkins in a toddler’s eye,
Moist gourds for the masses messed up
Few shots when it got them, totalizing
And torsional as catfish, maxillary barbells
Awhip in the degree of departure of a curve.
Fucked nucleo accumbens stacked fat
In the future wars scored to vast chorals.
Steamy grate choke to skip
Past pissy blood-letting
In the for-profit collegiate canvas tent
Raining down glossy tri-fold lit featuring
Beautiful glitz tattooing your synthetic dreams.
Chemical factions blued in the percolating fits,
Waking up with one week to live.
Wicked witch sadomasochism gear
Fire sales the political rallies with senescence,
Fallacious giggles echo the hall.
Indifference stocks the hells
Of time-lapse collapse blasting
Riddled reproductive smokescreen.
Fist fight on the civic veneers, accessorizing
To the steel-toothed absolute Black Death.

Brad Liening lives in Minneapolis with his wife and two cats.