This Science Does Not

Urgent handó
up a skirt     the slime-
moldís dancing away    
Today, kids, insatiable
science     deft as a latex glove
Pray the fools donít eat our micro-
cosmos     Sanctuary from low
pressure, this ainít
the science of emergence     electro chairís
your uncle     mad heliogram warns
not to siphon Satanís bed
Glory be     the boat-hat a wayward
molecule in the gap
between its own front teeth
when it sighs, Syringe me, darling
Iím a spectrometer     between worlds

so that once when a man called me
a permeable membrane     we watched
porn together     tagging skin
samples with our tongues
This science does not
miss its dead     loves indigenous blue-
things     the odd breast bone
an asteroid shower     every day
something is made possible as
apparition of an elegant universe
a study in scale     host who wishes us
nothing and then nothing
is a field          a vast, textual ocean
of evidence in three neat columns    
Last night when I tried
to make meaning     with the big screen tv
a flight of  spectral recrimination
was upon me like a lion


Alexis Orgera is the author of How Like Foreign Objects (H_NGM_N Books, 2011), Dust Jacket (Coconut Books, forthcoming), and several chapbooks. She lives in Sarasota, FL.