New City VI


We are all making this

up as we go along.


This top stylist

isn't listening.


How employees

employ workers!


How do I enjoy myself?

This mostly comes


by being compulsive.

The reasons


for not listening

are deeply personal.


My new friend has

a rule of thumb.


You have had

a poorly timed affair


with the automobile.

We give


small things

big weight to the point


there is a difficulty in

swaying a thinking.


Where will we go,

Sweet Marlin?


We get our tickets in

this ridiculous counter.


Picture a monitor

surrounded by wires


underneath an airport

videos are so


gallantly streaming.

If you shake it


more than three times

I don't know how


to speak to you.

Your crooked mom


wants to meet me.

I have arrived on time


to boss the world

around again.


Behind this new

electric fence


I heard there were



Now your jumpy mom

is listening.


You are trying



for the first time

but this fucking puppy


is running around

in front of you.


Originally from Nebraska, Scott Abels has an MFA from Boise State University.  His poems can be found (or are forthcoming) online and in print with H_NGM_N, Sink Review, Best New Poets, Forklift, Ohio, RealPoetik, DIAGRAM, Word for/Word, Sixth Finch, and others.  His first book of poems, Rambo Goes to Idaho, is available with BlazeVOX [books]. He currently lives and teaches in Honolulu, where he edits the online journal of poetry Country Music.