Re: Invention


To be in the good world and as sore as you:    a pity good lovin brought us, no wits,


here.      Hubbubs and dingers,   always blazonry in the first

place. These fits of fits: we are        lousy with imagining and the loveliest bits of fucks


still in us. Franken-lark Franken-sigh          monster of the beauteous,    


       in spring we were


dulce and hot wired. It's fair to say made and made.       My jubilant caboose,

I beg you to end me


behind the Japanese honeysuckle. We'll move in sentences of this:


the first phrase is forgetting the second phrase is forgetting the third phrase   


Grief, you big egg we've no hard time for,

      let's take all this modern stuff and let it      beat: nth it goes nth.


Kimberly Grey's poems have appeared or will appear in The Southern Review, Guernica, Columbia: A Journal of Arts and Literature, TriQuarterly, and Best New Poets 2011. Her first book manuscript has been a finalist for The CSU First Book Prize, The Akron Poetry Prize, The Lexi Rudnitsky First Book Prize, and others. She currently lives in New York.