Nicolle Richards's series Meld is an experiment in transformation. It examines how colors lay against a grain of wood, how paint splatters, and where the drips coincidentally fall. The line between control and recklessness is blurred. A wood canvas implies stability, growth, strength, and character. These figures respond to the untamed paint and wood grooves, which causes them to move with a strikingly odd rhythm, consisting of chaos and simplicity. The hyperemotive expressions of each portrait engage the viewer in forming relationships with color, form, and the unexpected.


A native of Boston, MA but raised in Orlando, FL, Nicolle Richard returned to New England where she received her BS in Studio Arts, with practices in Anatomy and Psychology, from Northeastern University. Her work has been shown at galleries in and around the Boston area. She currently works at The Copley Society of Art, the oldest non-profit art association in the U.S. Check out her work at
  • Another Calm Blue
  • Bullet Holes
  • I Am Mush Just Like You
  • Sleep and Be Awake
  •    Untitled