Having viewed and viewed         The fleet had set out         tapping feet          beginning      


Slinking over       the air strings        A guitar         A slide          Slippery           Gating      the promenade  


Those present          entered the theater on an ember           Amber eyes       couping        the gel-lit  sky  


Chandeliers shined & chimed            in the backdraft                 of the hush          Come out of hiding         


shower            the self     in             brightness        Shouldering beams         Spheres give off       elegance      


Crowds of ears coupled slow               Rearing    half-steps            Roared perfection            Pulse as


in transmit         The keeping at heart                 Instructions from the anvil                    turned up                                     


        We are                                attuning           Chromosomes                      pulled     out of the storm



We cannot   emphasize  enough that   you must
Stop   You could   not  do this alone  Pain in the
high heart area    Excuses   excuses   The earth
is an  arena   you  are an  archon   There was an
eclipse   in reason &  from that  you were  born
Bringer   your   skirts   made of   dawn   Within
the pleats  mutation                 Variance     Will  
Ladders   &  finger                   prints   at work 
patterning   Let  go   to hold   onto the encoded
All annals  of the library included   In these folds
your entrances    Openings   Aeons  Children of
the first light  mindless  translators  the body does not end here


Nestled in the San Jacinto mountains, Katherine Factor teaches poetry and interdisciplinary studies at Idyllwild Arts Academy. She has work forthcoming in The Colorado Review and Quarterly West.