January1 moon2

Skyʼs3 silent4 mouth5 unfurled6 wide7

jacklight8 into dark9


1. I was born

2. to orbit

3. my father

4. quietly.

5. We never spoke.

6. I was born

7. too far or far too

8. white.

9. My father,

1. the first of my motherʼs 12 lovers,

2. waned his presence after

3. I was born.

4. My mother

5. never spoke his name. She never mentioned

6. my father,

7. his fist. Her reasoning

8. I understood when I realized

9. I was born

9. my father.


b: william bearhart is a direct descendent of the St. Croix Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin. Currently, he resides in a small Wisconsin town working and writing poetry. b: attended the 2010 Squaw Valley Community of Writers and Bread Loaf Writers' Conference. He has work forthcoming in American Ghost: Poets on Life After Industry (2011, Stockport Flats).